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Luca Marino

I’m ICT Consultant, Website Developer and Lighting Designer.


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About Me

I’m connecting the dots!

This is my motto that is showed on my logo. Yes this sentence was inspired by the famous Steve Jobs’ Commencement speech in 2005 at the Stanford University. I’m not the only one to be inspired by this beautiful lecture.

I’m particularly touched by this event even because I worked a lot of years in Sun Microsystems, one of the best companies in the IT world during the booming of .com companies…one of their mottos was “we’re the dot in the .com”.

So the “dots” have been always present in my life! And in this case “connecting the dots” refers to the importance of understanding the customer’s needs combined with his  personal objectives and the environmental variables: a lot of different aspects that need to be deeply analyzed. They are the dots I’m working on trying to figure out what could be the best solution, the best way to put in relation one to each other and get the “big picture” that will be my guidance in developing the solution!

IT Consutant

I do provide consultancy and support on analysis and scouting of best technologies to drive Data Center Consolidation/Transformation, Cloud (Hybrid and Public) and architectures for robust Big Data Infrastructures

Website Developer

My approach to the subject starts with CMS selection, then I try to implement a User Experience based design and try to give a unique aspect to the solution with HTML & CSS coding, JavaScript coding and eventually a PHP programming phase.

Finally I can support on SEO/SEM analysis

Lighting Designer

I can design solutions for Lighting Systems on Streets/Tunnels/Public Offices/Private Infrastructures/Malls/etc. which are compliant with European and National recommendations and at the same time, get the best possible Energy Efficiency thanks to the use of modern and most efficient lighting apparates.

Used Tools for design include: Autodesk Autocad, Dialux  Dial GmbH, LiteStar  Oxytech

Energy Manager

In my current role of CTO at SAFESEC, I’m also working on Energy Usage Budget Analysis, Audits, structural Intervention on Buildings, prepare documentation and request for Titoli di Efficientamento Energetico – TEE, provide Attestati di Prestazione Energetica – APE.

My Resume At A Glance

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My Services

I do provide scouting of best technologies and experience on how to integrate them and manage projects during the entire life cycle.

Appealing desing, Extreme Easy User Experience, support on best strategies for SEO/SEM activities.

Following the recommendations of the Standard bodies and matching needs in terms of Energy Efficiency and Architectural Impact I can design the best possible solution.

Budget Analysis of the Energy Usage, Audits, structural intervention on Buildings, request for TEE.

Consulting Pricing

$-tbdper month
  • Up to 10 days / month
  • Email, Skype
$-tbdper month
  • Up to 20 days / month
  • Email, Skype, Phone, Live Meetings

My Blog

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15th July 2016
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13th July 2016
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